Psychic & Spiritual Development for Beginners

Online Psychic & Spiritual Development Course for Beginners

Did you know that anyone can develop both their Psychic & Spiritual abilities, it is not just the “chosen few” who are gifted – everyone has it within them. My job is to help you unfold those abilities naturally and safely using simple yet powerful techniques that are proven to get lasting results. Psychic development can be experienced from the comfort of your own how

These techniques and methods were taught to me by a living Master of the Ancient Wisdom and are often kept  SECRET by the Inner Mystery Schools   I am now teaching and giving out over 20 years of personal Spiritual and Psychic experience

This course is packed full of cutting edge Psychic development  & Spiritual development content.

With over 20 years experience  as a working Psychic Medium, teacher and writer I am confident that you will be amazed at the content of my teaching.

How will this teaching & training help me in my daily life, you may be asking?

  • You will become calmer and more peaceful with the ability to detach from situations easily
  • You will feel power and energy that you have never felt before – this ability will help you in your daily life
  • You will begin to understand why you are here and what your life is all about
  • You will be able to predict and view future outcomes & events
  • You may develop healing abilities
  • You will learn and master the ART OF MEDITATION
  • You will understand deep Spiritual concepts – these concepts are already deep within you I will help you to unlock them
  • You will sleep and rest easily
  • Stress and Anxiety will fall away and not be a problem for you
  • Your whole life will change for the better
  • You will attract wealth, abundance and love into your life


What you do with your new found ability is up to you. Some decide to go on and help others in the form of giving readings or healings and others are just content that their lives are so much more peaceful  less stressful and  completely under their control

You learn at your own pace but you have me as a teacher to guide you read my testimonials here – unlike other teachers who have never given readings I walk the talk

 Psychic & Spiritual teaching all in one handy place

You won’t find teaching like this anywhere unless you have spent time with a living Master or you have been Initiated into an Esoteric Order. My teachings are from the oldest arcane and powerful sources, some are unique and taught to me by Spirit directly – I use a mixture of audio, video and written methods of delivery, with constant fresh updates and additions.

  • Dynamic  Audio & Video Teachings –  Secret techniques for psychic development and spiritual development as taught to me by the Masters directly, you won’t find these teachings anywhere else
  • My indepth Psychic Development course – including how to make contact with your guides and helpers, Astral travel techniques, how to access Past Lives and advanced Clairvoyance and remote viewing, psychic protection and how to help earthbound spirits and clear spaces.
  • Tarot and other Divination Courses – Regular tutorials and mini courses written by myself and other top Psychics.
  • Spiritual Development Classes and Teachings – I show you exactly how to reach a high level of peace and serenity
  • Psychic Business Tutorials – How to setup a psychic business – how to attract all the customers you need and exact techniques I use in my Psychic business today. How to run your own workshops on psychic development subjects
  • FREE ebook downloads – Both Psychic development & Spiritual development
  • Powerful Brain Entrainment Audios –  My dynamic Binaural Beat trainings will sky rocket your Psychic development & Spiritual Development
  • How to be Psychic – I really do believe it is just a case of unfolding those gifts you already have. Psychic development should be for everyone


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